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Thugs and China Dolls: Now In Stores

Thugs and China Dolls Art

Upcoming Shows

Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!



Mazarine Records


U.S. Publicity:

Jeffrey Smith
Crash Avenue
jeffrey [at] crash-avenue [dot com]


European Publicity:

Peter Holmstedt
peter.holmstedt [at] telia [dot com]
+46 (0)33.26.0210



Dare likes to play any place where people want to hear him—living rooms, stadiums, art galleries, derelict strip malls, glitzy music venues filled with trend-setting starlets, fire-gutted churches with free enchiladas. Write STS Booking, and together we will find a way:

Bright Elephant [at] gmail [dot com]


Dare Dukes

dd [at] daredukes [dot com]


Upcoming shows
Date City Time Venue Event
Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!
Past show archive
Date City Time Venue Event
01.19.17Savannah, GA7:00pmTrinity ChurchThursday Night Opry
03.21.15Savannah, GA7:30pmSentient BeanBay Uno
05.23.14Savannah, GA7:00pmTrinity ChurchJim White
03.01.14Brooklyn, NY8:00pmBrooklyn Music ShopRebecca Pronsky
12.14.13Atlanta, GA8:00pmGrocery on Homewith Jim White
10.25.13Savannah, GA8:00pmSentient BeanThe Viking Progress (Athens, GA) and John Wilkes Boothe and the Black Toothe (Asheville, NC)
06.22.12Athens, GA7:00pmAthFestMazarine Records Showcase
04.12.12Savannah, GA8:00pmLivewire Music HallHoots and Hellmouth, Lee Koch
03.30.12Athens, GA8:00pmFlicker Theater & BarMazarine Records Block Party
03.10.12Savannah, GA2:00pmStopover FestivalMazarine Records Showcase
03.10.12Savannah, GA7:00pmStopover FestivalThe Loom, Spanish Prisoner
02.04.12Atlanta, GA8:00pmGrocery on Home
02.03.12Asheville, NC8:00pmLexington Avenue BreweryJohn Wilkes Boothe and the Black Toothe
02.02.12Chattanooga, TN8:00pmJJ's BohemiaThe New Empires, Kyle MacKillop and the Waybackwhens
02.01.12Birmingham, AL8:00pmBottletree CafeDelicate Cutters
01.31.12Nashville, TN9:00pmBasement
01.30.12Lexington, KY8:00pmCosmic CharliesThe Viking Progress
01.29.12Bloomington, IN8:00pmBishop BarVollmar and TBD
01.28.12Louisville, KY8:00pmHeadliners Music HallRelease party for Cheyenne Marie Mize, with The Silver Tongues
01.27.12Pittsburgh, PA10:00pmClub CafeEmily Rodgers, The Turpentiners
01.26.12Philadelphia, PA8:00pmKung Fu NecktieFolklore, On the Water
01.25.12Brooklyn, NY9:00pmUnion PoolLucinda Black Bear, Brother Reverend
01.24.12Charlottesville, VA8:30pmTwisted Branch Tea BazaarOld Calf, Mister Baby
01.23.12Durham, NC8:00pmCasbahAnna Rose Beck and TBD
01.22.12Columbia, SC7:30pmNew Brookland TavernComa Cinema, Modern Man
01.21.12Atlanta, GA8:00pmHighland Inn BallroomGeorgia Fireflies, Book Club
01.20.12Savannah, GA8:00pmJinxRecord Release Party with Shovels and Rope and The Winter Sounds
01.19.12Savannah, GA6:00pmSentient BeanRecord Release Party with Delicate Cutters, John Wilkes Boothe and the Black Toothe, Jubalson
11.05.11Savannah, GA8:00pmSentient BeanHope for Agoldensummer, The Viking Progress
10.20.11Savannah, GA8:00pmWormholeJon Lindsay, Britt Scott
10.08.11Brooklyn, NY8:00pmPete's Candy Store
07.21.11Savannah, GA8:30pmWormholeDavid Dondero
06.02.11Savannah, GA6:30pmSentient BeanBirdlips,General O
05.26.11Savannah, GA8:00pmSentient BeanRebecca Pronksy
05.07.11Savannah, GA7:30pmSentient BeanHope for Agoldensummer, Brandon Nelson McCoy
04.30.11Athens, GATBDLittle Kings
03.25.11Savannah, GA7:30pmSentient BeanHolopaw,Ten Cent Poetry
03.12.11Savannah, GA8:00pmStopover FestivalJon Lindsay
02.04.11Savannah, GA9:30pmWormholeThe Red River,Brandon Nelson McCoy
11.07.10Savannah, GA7:00pmSentient BeanThe Red River
11.06.10Savannah, GA8:00pmWormholeOryx and Crake, General Ogelthorpe
10.11.10Decatur, GA7:00pmEddie's Attic
10.08.10Atlanta, GA8:00pmMint Gallery
09.20.10Brooklyn, NY8:00pmUnion HallRebecca Pronsky, Megan Palmer
09.19.10Savannah, GA5:30pmStarland Living RoomJim White
09.11.10Savannah, GA8:00pmSentient BeanBlair Crimmins, General Ogelthorpe
08.07.10Atlanta, GA8:00pmStar BarBlair Crimmins and the Hookers, Jeffrey Butzer
08.06.10Athens, GA8:00pmCaledonia LoungeGinger Envelope, Kaitlin Jones and the County Fair
08.05.10Atlanta, GA8:00pmKavarnaNight Driving in Small Towns, Supervisor of the Loveless Average
07.23.10Savannah, GA7:00pmSentient BeanDave Daniels (Atlanta), Lille (Atlanta)
06.27.10Savannah, GA7:00pmSentient BeanJulia Haltigan (NYC), General Oglethorpe and the Panhandlers
06.12.10Athens, GA8:00pmMelting PointJim White, Caroline Herring
05.08.10Savannah, GA7:30pmSentient BeanAdam Klein, Ben Bedford
05.04.10New York, NY9:00pm11th Street BarJulia Haltigan
04.24.10Atlanta, GA8:00pmPicaflorOryx and Crake
04.23.10Atlanta, GA9:00pmKavarna
03.26.10Savannah, GA8:00pmCo-LabLittle Tybee, Book of Colors
02.26.10Brooklyn, NY8:00pmUnion PoolLucinda Black Bear, Hightower Smith
01.28.10New York, NY10:00pmLiving Room
01.16.10Savannah, GA8:00pmSentient BeanAllison Weiss, Mike Nicolai
12.17.09Savannah, GA7:00pmSentient BeanSavannah Songwriters
10.03.09Athens, GA8:00pmFlicker Theater & BarSummer Hymns
10.02.09Carrboro, NC8:00pmOpen Eye CafeJane Francis
10.01.09Baltimore, MD8:00pmCyclops Books and Music
09.30.09New York, NY10:00pmBanjo Jim's
09.29.09Washington, DC9:00pmThe Red and the BlackStripmall Ballads
09.26.09Bloomington, IN8:00pmPour House Cafe
09.25.09Cincinnati, OH11:59pmMidPoint Music Festival
09.24.09Louisville , KY8:00pmDerby City EspressoRebecca Williams, Huh Robots
09.23.09Morganton, NC8:00pmHouse Concert
09.22.09Boone, NC8:00pmBeansTalk
09.22.09Knoxville, TN12:00pmWDVX Blue Plate Special
09.21.09Ashville, NC8:00pmTown Pump TavernJason Waller
09.20.09Johnson City, TN10:00pmAcoustic CoffeehouseGirls, Guns and Glory
09.19.09Atlanta, GA3:00pmOther Sound Festival
09.18.09Atlanta, GA8:00pmKavarnaFight to the Death, The Preakness
09.17.09Savannah, GA8:00pmSentient BeanRose and the Rivals
07.25.09Savannah, GA10:00pmJinxPink Kodiak, Keith Kozel
07.19.09New York, NY10:00pmRockwood Music Hall
06.21.09New York, NY8:00pmLiving Room
06.20.09Nashville, TN5:00pmEastside Folk Festival
06.13.09Savannah, GA5:00pmPrivate Party
05.23.09Wilmington , NC5:00pmWE Festival
05.09.09Savannah, GA8:00pmSentient BeanDon Chambers, Rose and the Rivals
04.04.09Atlanta, GA8:00pmKavarnaThe Good Graces, What Happened to Your Fire, Tiger?
03.13.09Savannah, GA8:00pmSentient BeanVenice is Sinking
03.13.09Southeastern, US6:00pmGeorgia Public Radio's Georgia GazetteInterview with Orlanto Montoyo
02.25.09Radio12:00pmWildcat Radio, CanadaInterview with DigiVegas
02.20.09New York, NY8:00pmBanjo Jim's
02.14.09Athens, GA8:00pmFlicker Theater & BarDon Chambers + GOAT
01.31.09Athens, GA8:00pmFlicker Theater & BarProducto
01.30.09Savannah, GA8:00pmListening Room
01.22.09New York, NY8:30pmGoogie's Lounge (The Living Room)
01.21.09New York, NY12:00amMIXER Series: Cakeshop
11.24.08Savannah, GA8:00pmSentient BeanCaptain Number 1
11.19.08New York, NY8:00pmGoogie's Lounge (The Living Room)
11.01.08Savannah, GA8:00pmSentient BeanAdam Klein, Pink Kodiak
10.16.08Athens, GA8:00pmLittle KingsAdam Klein
10.09.08Savannah, GA8:00pmMetro
10.04.08New York, NY8:00pmGoogie's Lounge (The Living Room)
06.21.08New York, NY8:00pmGoogie's Lounge (The Living Room)
03.10.08New York, NY8:00pmNaked Music Series
10.14.07New York, NY8:00pmGoogie's Lounge (The Living Room)
05.11.07Brooklyn, NY8:00pmKnitting Factory
04.24.07Brooklyn, NY8:00pmPete's Candy Store
04.15.07New York, NY8:00pmGoogie's Lounge (The Living Room)
02.24.07New York, NY8:00pmMo Pitkin's
01.30.07Brooklyn, NY8:00pmPete's Candy Store
01.07.07New York, NY8:00pmClub Midway
12.29.06New York, NY9:00pmArlene's Grocery
12.04.06New York, NY9:00pmLakeside Lounge

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