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Thugs and China Dolls: Now In Stores

Thugs and China Dolls Art

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Mazarine Records


U.S. Publicity:

Jeffrey Smith
Crash Avenue
jeffrey [at] crash-avenue [dot com]


European Publicity:

Peter Holmstedt
peter.holmstedt [at] telia [dot com]
+46 (0)33.26.0210



Dare likes to play any place where people want to hear him—living rooms, stadiums, art galleries, derelict strip malls, glitzy music venues filled with trend-setting starlets, fire-gutted churches with free enchiladas. Write STS Booking, and together we will find a way:

Bright Elephant [at] gmail [dot com]


Dare Dukes

dd [at] daredukes [dot com]

Sentient Bean – 01.19.12 – Savannah, GA – Record Release Party with Delicate Cutters, John Wilkes Boothe and the Black Toothe, Jubalson

Thursday, January 19, 2012
6:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
Savannah, GA

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Whisperin and Hollerin: 9 Stars!


European blog Whisperin and Hollerin gives Thugs and China Dolls 9 stars (out of a possible 10):

Something of Dukes’ offbeat observations are in the same territory as David Byrne and there are also traces of the literate evasiveness of Michael Stipe and REM. Overall, this is a great leap forward from Dare Dukes’ equally fine debut album enhanced by lively and inventive musical arrangements.

Thugs and China Dolls: Now in Stores!


True Believers,

What do you know, it finally happened: Thugs and China Dolls has left the building. It is in stores today, right now. If you don’t already have a copy, perhaps now would be a good time to purchase one, be it in digital or plastic form.

If you are one of those spectacularly insightful people who supported the Kickstarter campaign, you should’ve gotten your stuff a few days ago (unless you still haven’t given us your address—in which case, for godsakes, hand it over). We hope the postman got it to you intact. May it make your ears tingle.

If you are in Savannah, GA, please come to one of the two record release parties: Thursday, January 19 (all ages at the Sentient Bean) or Friday, January 20 (21+ at the Jinx). Or, hell, come to both of them. We’re not messin’ around for these shows: we’ve got a six-piece band playing all kinds of doodads and noise-makers. And there are free download cards of the entire dang record for early entries.

If you live in another city, please check our tour dates below for a venue near you. (more…)

October 2011 Newsletter: Please Release Me


Escape artists,

You have no idea how happy we are to announce that we have an official release date for the new record, Thugs and China Dolls.  On Tuesday, January 17, 2012, we will release Thugs and China Dolls to the world.  Should you see it fly by on or around this date, we ask that you consider feeding it.

And that’s not all.  We have so much good news that we’re buried up to our necks in it.


Lyrics: “Lament of the Subway Rider” by Dare Dukes


The spring morning breaks with allergies and stereo.
Hank William makes a virtue of my dread.
The garbage truck, it clangs to a crescendo
and banishes the lover singing in my head.

chorus 1
I want a stereo lover, broken like in a country song.
We will not let us suffer. Pretty like a sing-along. (more…)

Kick Me: Pre-order My New Record


Okay, gang. I’ve launched my very first Kickstarter campaign to make sure my new record, Thugs and China Dolls, makes it out of the studio and into your ears.

Don’t know what Kickstarter is?  Well, is a cool website that allows artists and other imaginative people to raise critical funding to make sure their neat ideas make it out into the world.

I’m aiming to raise $5,000 (a small portion of my overall budget) by selling pre-ordered copies of Thugs and China Dolls. There’s all kinds of other cool stuff you can buy, too (a pair of Jim White’s loafers, anyone?), but pre-orders of the record are the main thing.  So check out my video, then click through the link and order your copy today!

Prepared Piano (in the Forest)


Suny Lyons “prepares” pianos the old fashioned way: by hurling them into the woods behind his studio, breaking them apart with hammers, then miking the pile.  This in service of building the chaotic ending for the song “Thugs and China Dolls.”

Suny Lyons Prepares a Piano for Dare Dukes' "Thugs and China Dolls"

More photos of Suny’s handiwork after the jump.

TV on the Radio on the Bus


Having experienced a fiasco in an attempt to track horns in Athens, GA—in fact, I emerged from that experience believing I may be suffering from a curse when it comes to horns in Georgia—I was forced to track my horns in a land where horns reside on every corner: Brooklyn.  Today, I tracked trombone, trumpet, alto sax and clarinet in Seth Rothschild’s studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  And not just any horn section, but the same horn section that appears on TV on the Radio’s new record. Yay for me. Yay for us. Yay for the big ole Greyhound Bus.

Speaking of buses, here they are tracking for “Meet You at the Bus,” among other ditties.

Michael Irwin tracks trumpet for Dare Dukes' "Meet You at the Bus"
Michael Irwin