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U.S. Publicity:

Jeffrey Smith
Crash Avenue
jeffrey [at] crash-avenue [dot com]


European Publicity:

Peter Holmstedt
peter.holmstedt [at] telia [dot com]
+46 (0)33.26.0210



Dare likes to play any place where people want to hear him—living rooms, stadiums, art galleries, derelict strip malls, glitzy music venues filled with trend-setting starlets, fire-gutted churches with free enchiladas. Write STS Booking, and together we will find a way:

Bright Elephant [at] gmail [dot com]


Dare Dukes

dd [at] daredukes [dot com]

Super Mini-Tour: August Newsletter

Dear Dog Dayers,

There are many, many reasons to venture below the Mason-Dixon line. Biscuits, hospitality, burning bushes, front porches, meandering and eccentric conversationalists, and haunted junkyards come to mind. August? August is not one of them. If you are north or west, we advise you to remain north or west until the heat and hurricanes move on.

Despite the meteorological challenges, Dare Dukes + the Blackstock Collection have a handful of items that are particularly worthy of report. We encourage you to read carefully all the way to the bottom and receive your End-of-Email Bonus Prize.

The Big Nifty

  • Super Mini Tour.
    Beginning this Thursday, we embark on our August Super Mini Tour. Three peachy nights in and around the Peach State’s musical meccas, Atlanta and Athens. See below for the ear-tingling particulars.
  • House Concert and Potluck with Jim White.
    Whoa, you read that right. On a Sunday evening in September down in Savannah we invite you to eat homemade casserole and pie, then see and hear Southern Gothic maestro Jim White play a solo set about four feet from your knees. I’ll open with a brief solo set. Space is extremely limited, so see the calendar below for special instructions on how to RSVP.
  • Recording.
    We really did go into the studio last weekend, and we really did record bass, drums, rhythm guitar, and a few other doodads for the new record. We learned several things during this session: VanBrackle nails his banjo parts when behind the bulletproof glass, Blake insists on keeping his kick drum cozy, Daniel secretly pines for the bongos, and Suny, along with being the fastest ProTools editor east of the Mississippi, has a problem with German sparkling water.
  • Hope for Agoldensummer.
    A very special band from Athens, GA, Hope for Agoldensummer, is asking their fans and future fans to help them finish their record. Check out their music and consider supporting them. Why? 1) Their music is soulful, smart, satisfying, and far better than most musical confections you will come across this year. 2) They’ve been uncommonly hospitable to me in various ways. 3) The engineer on our new record, Suny, plays with them. 4) You want to support interesting things so that you have interesting things in your world. 5) Karma.

Upcoming Shows

  • Savannah, GA
    Sunday, September 19, 5:30pm
    Supper and Song with Jim White
    House Concert
    with: Jim White
    cost: $10 and a covered dish
  • Atlanta, GA
    Friday, October 8, 9pm
    Mint Gallery
    with: tbd
    cost: free (no way!)

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End-of-Email Bonus Prize

Ears tired? Heart fatigued? There is hope.


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