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Thugs and China Dolls: Now In Stores

Thugs and China Dolls Art

Upcoming Shows

Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!



Mazarine Records


U.S. Publicity:

Jeffrey Smith
Crash Avenue
jeffrey [at] crash-avenue [dot com]


European Publicity:

Peter Holmstedt
peter.holmstedt [at] telia [dot com]
+46 (0)33.26.0210



Dare likes to play any place where people want to hear him—living rooms, stadiums, art galleries, derelict strip malls, glitzy music venues filled with trend-setting starlets, fire-gutted churches with free enchiladas. Write STS Booking, and together we will find a way:

Bright Elephant [at] gmail [dot com]


Dare Dukes

dd [at] daredukes [dot com]

Stuff This: December Newsletter

My wanderers of malls, my solstice missionaries,

Giving stuff this holiday season?

I’m offering my neato stuff at special prices: CDs, t-shirts, posters, and combinations of the above. One package includes a CD of lo-fi demo recordings of songs that will show up in more sparkly and polished forms on my new record, slated for release in 2011. (This includes all embarrassing vocal pitch irregularities, poorly worded early drafts of lyrics, and hand-drawn album “art.”) Whoa, a collector’s item to be sure! So head on over to my holiday merch page and get busy.

If you don’t see what you want or you’re outside of the U.S. just email me and we’ll work it out.

End-of-Email Bonus Prize

Speaking of stuff.


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