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Thugs and China Dolls: Now In Stores

Thugs and China Dolls Art

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Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!



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U.S. Publicity:

Jeffrey Smith
Crash Avenue
jeffrey [at] crash-avenue [dot com]


European Publicity:

Peter Holmstedt
peter.holmstedt [at] telia [dot com]
+46 (0)33.26.0210



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Thugs and China Dolls: Now in Stores!


True Believers,

What do you know, it finally happened: Thugs and China Dolls has left the building. It is in stores today, right now. If you don’t already have a copy, perhaps now would be a good time to purchase one, be it in digital or plastic form.

If you are one of those spectacularly insightful people who supported the Kickstarter campaign, you should’ve gotten your stuff a few days ago (unless you still haven’t given us your address—in which case, for godsakes, hand it over). We hope the postman got it to you intact. May it make your ears tingle.

If you are in Savannah, GA, please come to one of the two record release parties: Thursday, January 19 (all ages at the Sentient Bean) or Friday, January 20 (21+ at the Jinx). Or, hell, come to both of them. We’re not messin’ around for these shows: we’ve got a six-piece band playing all kinds of doodads and noise-makers. And there are free download cards of the entire dang record for early entries.

If you live in another city, please check our tour dates below for a venue near you.


The Big Nifty
The release, of course, is the biggest nifty of all. But you might also like to know that:

  • I recently joined Mazarine Records out of Athens, GA, and those fine people are releasing this record of mine. You can’t imagine how happy it makes me to be working with a label in a town that nurtured so many of the great bands that contiue to influence my music brain. Mazarine has all sorts of cool stuff in the works for this spring, but more on that later.
  • We’re working on our SXSW shows. Please hold while we get those in place.
  • There are rumors that a video for the song “Meet You at the Bus” will soon premiere, but I cannot speak to these rumors. No. I can’t. Speak. Ssh, hush now.


Blog Love
Gaggles of kind folks have been saying lots of nice things about Thugs and China Dolls and related subjects. Here are a handful:


Thugs and China Dolls Tour — Winter 2012
Our final tour dates are set, with release parties in both Savannah and Brooklyn. And we’ll be touring with a—heavens to Betsy—six-piece band made up of talented folks hailing from far off locales such as Atlanta, Athens, and New York.

Jan 19 * Savannah, GA @ The Sentient Bean – Record Release Party w/ Delicate Cutters & John Wilkes Boothe and the Black Toothe & Jubalson — RSVP on Facebook
Jan 20 * Savannah, GA @ The Jinx – Record Release Party w/ Shovels and Rope & The Winter Sounds — RSVP on Facebook
Jan 21 * Atlanta, GA @ The Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge – w/ Book Club & Georgia Fireflies — RSVP on Facebook
Jan 22 * Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern – w/ Coma Cinema & Modern Man — RSVP on Facebook
Jan 23 * Durham, NC @ The Casbah – w/ Anna Rose Beck — RSVP on Facebook
Jan 24 * Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar – w/ Old Calf & Mister Baby — RSVP on Facebook
Jan 25 * Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool – CD Release Party – w/ Lucinda Black Bear & Brother Reverend — RSVP on Facebook
Jan 26 * Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Knecktie – w/ Folklore & On the Water — RSVP on Facebook
Jan 27 * Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Cafe – w/ Emily Rodgers & Turpentiners — RSVP on Facebook
Jan 28 * Louisville, KY @ Headliners – w/ Cheyenne Marie Mize (record release party) & Silver Tongues — RSVP on Facebook
Jan 29 * Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop – w/ Vollmar — RSVP on Facebook
Jan 30 * Lexington, KY @ Cosmic Charlies – w/ Ancient Warfare & The Viking Progress — RSVP on Facebook
Jan 31 * Nashville, TN @ The Basement — RSVP on Facebook
Feb 1 * Birmingham, AL @ The Bottletree w/ Delicate Cutters — RSVP on Facebook
Feb 2 * Chattanooga, TN @ JJ’s Bohemia w/ Kyle MacKillop & The New Empires — RSVP on Facebook
Feb 3 * Asheville, NC @ Lexington Avenue w/ John Wilkes Boothe and the Black Toothe & Locust Honey — RSVP on Facebook
Feb 4 * Atlanta, GA @ Grocery on Home — RSVP on Facebook


End-of-Newsletter Bonus Prize
This is for all you nice Dutch bloggers.


PS. Git you to Thugs and China Dolls.

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